Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How is it this time all ready?!?!

The party is planned, the invitations have been sent, and the cake & food are on order... HOW is my little bitty man all ready TWO????

Crazy... just a short two years ago we were living with my parents, our house was under construction, I had just stopped working and was HUGELY pregnant, anxiously awaiting the arrival of this sweet bundle of joy!

We are so incredibly blessed to have this amazing person living with us! He is the BEST big brother & son, we are constantly and continuously entertained, in awe, and in love with him!!!

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  1. I can't believe he's two already! He's such a cutie. Lorelei and I were looking at our "Who Loves Baby" book we made when Ainsley was a baby. It has a picture of Nathan with her about three-months-old. I kept telling Lorelei that it was Baby Ainsley, and she kept saying, "No, Baby Calla (Cayya). So sweet!

    You've inspired me to blog, too.