Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Working on walking

So, Kale has the whole pulling himself up to standing thing down. He now wishes he could just stand and walk, it's so cute that he really thinks he can, but just isn't there, yet. He has one of those walker toys, you know their supposed to stand behind it and walk. Well, Kale either kneels behind it and pushes (video) or he tries to push it sideways (haven't caught it on tape yet). Either way he'll look back at us and grin like, "How BIG am I???" It's so adorable!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My 10 month old, the bully

I'm jumping into this whole blog thing (we'll see how I do).

So, I dropped little man off at mother's day out the other day and all was well and normal until... I heard one of the other little boys crying. When I looked in the room what did I see??? My precious son pulling him over, maybe he was trying to stand up, BUT STILL!!! YIKES! SO the teacher moved my little guy and sat him next to a pretty, little girl (with a head FULL of curly black hair)... yep you guessed it, he got himself two huge handfuls of that sweet things hair, which of course, sent her into a fit of crocodile tears. Oh? What did I do, you ask???

Walked away :)