Friday, September 2, 2011

When did I get old?

Yes, my kids are only "almost" 2 ½ and 1, and to some I know I don’t look my age (34 in Dec.), however, I can’t hardly pick up a toy off the floor without my knees (or back) giving out.

I have friends who are younger than me, with kids older than mine, and they are so energetic! And some have more kids!

So what has happened?

Have I gotten old?  (Kale would say, "Nooooo, Mommy thas sillee!") :)

I mean, I work out and all, but I can’t seem to capture any more spunk… ok, well I have attitude spunk, but no energy spunk. Ugh. Ok, more prayers, more sleep, because more is coming tomorrow.  :)