Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kiwi Crate- crafts delivered to your door

This is such a great idea! Instead of going overboard buying the Christmas gifts this year we simplified. The kids got a pair of shoes, books, and one dress-up outfit each.
Then we decided to get the Kiwi Crate - craft projects delivered to your door each month. We have received two months and the kids have loved them! Both boxes come with enough supplies for both kids (an option we added on) and each box has two projects. Last months theme was "Family Game Night' with a board game, they colored and put together (we weren't very good at playing, but had fun creating!) The second was ring toss- That was a BIG winner! This month is "Playful Pets". Create a "pompom" pet (they loved this) then build a playground for it - we haven't done this part yet. So far the projects have needed a lot of parent help, (cutting, gluing or taping things together so that they stay and work) but I love helping and watching them be creative! And they LOVE doing the projects, too!

It's a little expensive upfront, but we used Christmas gift money to help pay for it and love that we don't have to hunt around the house or at a store for all the pieces needed to do the crafts. 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

She's Crafty!

diy winter "calla lilly" wreath

So I stumbled upon a SUPER cute wreath on Pinterest in Sept or so, site crashed, couldn't pin it. No biggie, I thought, I can find it again- WRONG! I still haven't found it, but I found one close. The wreath in the pic above is made with 3 inch circles which makes for a tighter more ruffled look. I wanted the smushed together calla lily look. So I bought all the stuff (way too much) and got Nov. Today I busted out the supplies and knocked out the remaining majority in 30 min- seriously! I used 5 1/2 in circles and think it turned out really cute!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baked Chile Relleno

HOLY MOLY FANTASTIC!!!! Ok mine didn't look nearly this pretty (maybe because I overstuffed them but whatever) Stuff my face happy!!! Baked Chili Relleno

SO SO GOOD!!!! Chile Rellenos are my go to dish (like enchiladas are for some people) to really test out how good a Mexican food place is, so I'm a sucker for trying out new relleno recipes.

I have made this three time now and mine have never looked as pretty as the one pictured, but they taste SO good!!! I seems to always make more filling than needed, so I heat the filling up as a side dish/ extra. Serve with some cilantro lime rice, black beans and Corona- YUM!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Twice as Nice!

I love all things pumpkin in the fall oh it's just so good, so when I saw this Homemade PUMPKIN 
Coffee Creamer- I had to make it, glad I did it's YUM! 

I made mine with half and half and 2% b/c that's what I had, but so good- in coffee & in pumpkin pie martinis (pictured below)!!- 

Perfect Slice of Pumpkin Pie Cocktail- YUM I made this with Grand Marnier and instead of cream I used the Pumpkin Creamer I had pinned SO GOOD!!!
So I had all this creamer made (because I made a LOT) I went on the hunt for a fun adult fall/ Halloween beverage. I found several and tried several but this one, Perfect Slice of Pumpkin Pie Cocktail, was the big winner!!!

 I made it with Grand Marnier and instead of cream I used my Homemade Pumpkin Creamer - OH SO GOOD!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

22 Toddler hairstyles

This blog was life changing for me- ok I've exaggerated, but it's still AWESOME!
NEVER before have I fixed C-baby's hair wet/ damp- never considered it!!! It is the only way I do her hair now!!! The mom who wrote this has some mad hair-styling skills. I will never attempt or accomplish most of what she has done, however, she has some great cute ideas vs. my 4 styles for C (one pony, two side ponies, one half pony, two half ponies). I didn't post a pic because she's not my kid, but here is the link.