Wednesday, May 11, 2011

See amals?

We took Kale to the zoo for the first time... on a Friday... in May. WHAT, was I thinking??? As a former teacher I should have known better!!! It seemed like every school in the DFW area had at least one grade level there! Oh well, lesson learned. Fortunately Kale had a great time anyway! Maybe if there were less people he would have relaxed a little bit, but who knows.

He spent the entire drive there asking to see the "amals" then spent the entire time up on Nathan's shoulders (with a death grip on Nate's ears!) 


The ride home was filled with him listing the "amals" he saw then trying to drift off to sleep, until I would ask him more questions (trying to keep him awake until we got home for a nap!) He perked up when I gave him some of "Mommy's juice".

And so not to leave Calla out of this post. Here is a little video of her and her funny, sweet, little scrunchie face!! She likes to do this, I think, to make us laugh. She also does it when she needs her nose wiped and when she doesn't really like what we are feeding her! :)