Sunday, April 24, 2011


What a fantastic weekend! Birthday & Easter celebrations, family, friends, food, fun...WOW!

Kale's birthday party was so much fun! He had a couple of friends and family come over and played his little heart out! Uncle Daniel got him a little trampoline- he LOVES it!!! Calla had a great time herself at the party, she woke from her nap during the festivities and had a smile plastered on her face the entire time! I love that my children are social butterflies!!!

We had a wonderful Easter also!! Kale actually "hunted" for eggs this year and had a great time. He didn't figure out that the eggs at our house had anything in them, but he got the hang of it down at Peachy and Poppy's! Once he got the goodies out he had to eat them first before going on to the next egg!  :) Again Calla needed to be apart of the action so she chewed her own plastic egg while watching Kale!

Thank you Lord, because of you, we are so incredibly blessed!!!

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