Friday, April 1, 2011

Growing up so fast!

My sweet little baby girl is all ready SIX MONTHS!!! Yikes!
~She smiles all the time (except when I pull out the camera!)
~She's rolling over (back to belly only)
~And she's sleeping on her tummy!
It is amazing how quickly things change!

Somehow we started calling Kale, Kale Cooper (first & last name) instead of Kale Lewis (first & middle name) in doing so he started calling himself- Pooker! (he sometimes inverses letters in words, so Cooper became Pooker.)

Kale moved from 1 word sentences to 2 words, not too long ago. He is now on to 3+ word sentences, with NO sign of slowing down!
~He narrates everything, "Pooker fall down, Mommy help?" or "Geen tash tuck, BIG, geen tash tuck!" (that's Kale talk for green trash truck)
~He answers his own questions, "Pooker have that, NO, Calla's" (talking about whatever it is the Calla has at the time.)
~AND he repeats most of what he hears! "Awesome!" "Shhh, Calla nite-nite" "Gosh!" "My goodness" (at least they aren't cuss words!!!)

We love every minute of both them. It does make me a little sad, but, I love to see them change and grow.

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