Monday, January 7, 2013

Miracle Laundry Cleaner

1 part dawn- 2 parts hydrogen peroxide

I tried this months ago on the hubs under shirts, after trying Oxy Clean and even bleach (EEK!) on the underarms of the shirts and nothing worked, this did!!!

I mixed the cleaner just like suggested (1 part blue dawn to 2 parts Hydrogen peroxide) in a spray bottle. For the hubs shirts:
1- sprayed the cleaner on
2- sprinkled on a little baking soda, and scrub, scrub, scrubbed with a short bristled laundry brush
3- walked away and let it sit (about an hour),
4- laundered as usual
RESULT:  AMAZING- they weren't 100% white, but they were close enough!!!

***WARNING*** this cleaner does have a strong smell and caused me to get a little dry cough in the back of my throat. However, I love it anyway! I keep some made up to spray on stains on anyone's clothes that need it! I have used it on a ton of my kids clothes (light and dark colors) and have not seen any bleaching or fading, but I can't promise that it won't discolor or bleach- you have been forewarned :)

For the kids clothes I just spray on the stain give it a little scrub then wash. I do check the stain before drying to see if it needs another round, but it usually doesn't.

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