Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My clocks have wings

Football season is about to start, both of my children are part fish, my 2 year old and I can have full conversations and my baby girl is zooming around the house with little care to where the rest of us are. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!? Who am I kidding... I am loving every minute of it. 

Kale went from being extremely tentative in the pool to instantly fearless! Nate and I took the kids up to the Central pool one night, our pool is a little chilly for them so we though this would be a nice change! Boy did it ever change, as soon as we got in the (bath) pool Kale was wanting us to let go of him. As we went deeper he kept pushing until finally he shoved away from me and "swam" over to Nathan. Now it's not pretty, but he's TWO! As the resident swimmer I could not be more excited that he is loving swimming now!!!

Now Calla has always loved the water (part mermaid as a Mom in our Mommy and Me class said) but moving on land hasn't been her strong suit. The week before our anniversary Nathan and I went to Colorado on vacation, for the first time without kids, (we had a BLAST) but we just knew she would crawl while we were gone. Nope! She waited for us! The day after our 6 year anniversary she crawled forward 5-6 little scooches the next day back and forth across a blanket, Now here we are not even two weeks later and she is all over the place and FAST! She chases Kale and also thinks she wants to try and stand now, too! Momma says slow down little bit!  :)

This is just a tiny insight to our lives and we are constantly in awe of the AMAZING blessings God continuously showers us with. We are so honored that he picked us to guide and inspire these precious beings!!!! Thank you Lord!

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